One More Day

We are,

Two leaves from that giant tree you see,

Swinging together in the summer breeze.

Harsh winds often flew us by,

But we stayed together for a while.

Days, months or maybe years,

Dancing together holding each other.

Wind against us separated us aside,

Lying on the ground broken we cried.

With an impossible dream,

We will find a way,

To swing together one more day.



Copyright: Word HunterΒ 

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37 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. Love the image of the two leaves compared with a human relationship, also how they fall as a symbol of life’s harshness that too often separates people. Yet they want to stick together as a symbol of an everlasting love no matter what happens. Beautifully expressed. Your poem slightly reminds me of Robert Hass’s poem “The Apple Trees at Olema” (though the context is different), because of nature descriptions associated with two lovers. Do you know this poem? So beautiful:


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