My Treasure Box

On that disused and forgotten road,

You will find my treasure box.

Containing the love I owned,

And thoughts of my heart’s desire.

My innocent alacrity and vehement ways.

Oh those times, all has gone away.

Locked up somewhere on those roads.

To go there again and unbox what was lost.

Thatโ€™s a hope I hold.






Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels


19 thoughts on “My Treasure Box

  1. ” To go there again and unbox what was lost”. I’ve always wondered what I would find in going back to lost loves. Perhaps the nostalgia of youth and another era. Though having said that, after leaving the Catholic Church for 10 years I have recently opened that treasure box and taken a tentative peak inside. Very insightful and inspiring words Sakshi.

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  2. I really do understand what you are saying. There is a post on my other blog, when I’m not writing about issues of prison, titled Talking To My Younger Self. Easy to find if you’re interested. It is conversation between me in my 60’s to me at age 19. It was hard to write. I’ve kept a journal most of my life. Many memories that would have probably been forgotten are tbere, written indelibly in pen.


  3. We were 3000
    miles from your home when my heart quit and over 50% than it
    died and scarred over, quite simply cannot pump ever again. Maybe Brave
    is likely to turn into a brand-new legend of Pixar animated movie.
    But Nothing To Do With You expose another side of The Pigeon Detectives.


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