I regret the end.

End it is,

End is sad,

But a happy end,

Which puts a smile,

When we close the book.

A story with happy ending.

It is sad to close the book.

But it’s satisfying worth of time,

Is just that last smile.

I want that end.


End is hard,

I agree, it hurts.

But a half read book,

By the night lamp,

Keeps calling,

For completion.

And the anxious heart of the reader,

Wants that satisfaction.

I’m your book,

And you my reader.


Our story,

We choose now,

Turning a page closer to the end.

To Romance, erotic or tragic ending.

Good writers, we have been,

Let’s agree on the ending,

Give a ending worth cherishing.

And then we close this book.

Let’s make a book worth reading,

Over and over again.


Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels

19 thoughts on “I regret the end.

  1. I’m conflicted. I understand what you are saying when a good story ends. But there is always the search for the next book. A new beginning. Do I want my life to be a never ending cycle of sameness. Or do I want to reinvent myself, to dare to be different. Just wondering.

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  2. Thank you so much for reading. Yes I agree with you , but look deeper into every line. Here the book is a girl and the reader is the boy. They are in love and had a beautiful relationship, but circumstances have forced them to end the story. She says close this story with a happy ending and a smile(romance), where as the boy doesn’t want to face her and end the story(tragic). “Over and over again” is the memories of their story which is all they will have.

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  3. Hello!
    Excellent work on this post! I really enjoyed its conflicting themes of change, joy, and sorrow. This poem was expertly written and wonderfully conveyed the emotions of starting and finishing a good book. I look forward to your future posts!


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