The Flower and it’s Moon

The sound of rain and violent breeze,
Flying branches from remorseful trees.
Broken moon fighting the thunder,
One moment she was brilliant, next she went under.

Roar Roar thunder went all night,
Maybe the moon lost its fight.
Sky turned into blood red dawn,
Made my fellow flowers also mourned.

Cuckoo gave her melancholy cry,
The day had a loud sigh.
Apart from wait nothing can be done,
Thunder or moon, who won?

Eventually a lonely star bloomed,
On my broken petals fear consumed.
Sleepless, I kept searching,
Quietly all fellow flowers were lurking.

Love is what it is,
How to not wait for this?
When rest looks up to the sun,
But for me, moon was the one.

Then I espied my lovely moon,
Sky filled up with her light soon.
With my winner in every battle,
We celebrated and again started our travel.

Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Google

16 thoughts on “The Flower and it’s Moon

  1. Wow! You’re gifted in rhyming. I love the hope the poem instills in the end. Amazing!


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