I still see you but with closed eyes.


Our whiskey times

Talking is easy,

Silent staring is hard.


Losing moments,

Staring into our lost past.


My eyes blush,

Reading his eyes smile.


Oh man!

It’s been a long time.


Then I listen to my own heart,

Demanding dangerous things.


Like the devil inside me is overtaking,

And I might give in.


But I walk past the dream,

Just staring in those eyes.


And his eyes still remembering,

Of our whiskey times.








Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels

Year and Year After

Every winter,

Year and year after,

Birds hide and secretly sing.

Behind the snow covered hill,

From those naked trees,

With the frozen breeze.

Yearning for its lover.

Of their intimate moments,

And when the sky was golden.

Chirp after chirp,

Tune after tune,

Year and year after.









Copyright Word Hunter

P. C Pexels

Fire in the Sky

I see a little piece of sky,

From my small window.

There’s a star shining bright,

Twinkling twinkle it smiles.

Naughty mischievous and wild,

Playing beside the cloud.

Sometimes teasing it,

Sometimes getting drenched in it.

Causing a fire in the sky,

And lighting in its crystal eyes.

But I can’t touch it,

And kiss it good night.






Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels

My Life Partner

Life’s good,

With you is better.

In your arms,

I have always felt safer.

I live in my dream world,

Because you take care of all later.

I like dancing,

And you are my crazy ass cheerleader.

Don’t ever make me walk alone,

Hold my hand stronger.

Life would be ordinary,

Without my crazy life partner.



Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels