Poets like us

We Write,
Of all Experiences,
Of Life and Relationships,
Of Sweet, Sour or Bitter memories,
Of what is Lost or of what is Found,
Of times that flew away with Smokes,
Or of the times drowned with Whiskey.

We become a poem, Poets like us.


Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels



Lost Key

It’s like you haven’t had a glass of water in ages,

Someone has tied you up.

And then you see the fountain of sparkling water, flowing endlessly right in front of you,

But you can’t reach it.




Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels


img_0227-1Risks, maybe thrilling.

Hope, can be torturous.

Damaged, somehow clearer.

Fear, an uncanny protector.

Time, a healer and a killer.

Love, sometimes a curse.

Truth, may also be imperfect.

Restrictions, bizarrely sexy.

Failure, in a certain way a restart.

Burning bridges, can be kind.

And not getting the love of your life,

Sometimes it’s fine.

Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels