I regret the end.

End it is,

End is sad,

But a happy end,

Which puts a smile,

When we close the book.

A story with happy ending.

It is sad to close the book.

But it’s satisfying worth of time,

Is just that last smile.

I want that end.


End is hard,

I agree, it hurts.

But a half read book,

By the night lamp,

Keeps calling,

For completion.

And the anxious heart of the reader,

Wants that satisfaction.

I’m your book,

And you my reader.


Our story,

We choose now,

Turning a page closer to the end.

To Romance, erotic or tragic ending.

Good writers, we have been,

Let’s agree on the ending,

Give a ending worth cherishing.

And then we close this book.

Let’s make a book worth reading,

Over and over again.


Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels


Lost Key

It’s like you haven’t had a glass of water in ages,

Someone has tied you up.

And then you see the fountain of sparkling water, flowing endlessly right in front of you,

But you can’t reach it.




Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels


A flower and it’s admirers,

She hopes she could share,

Her smell and his smile.

Colour the desires,

With bright hot lavender,

Or some soft pink blush.

But she belongs to the sun,

With bright yellow happiness and light,

Which will shine all through her life.






Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels