As sand in the hourglass settled,
With that heartbeat slowly levelled.
Lost the value of the word,
Word itself was God.
Flying bird and sunset sky,
Stopped caring how and why.
Rain stopped having any feeling,
And pain lost its meaning.
Death is, that what it is,
As I stopped being his.

Copyright © Word Hunter

P.C Pexels

Two Non-lovers

Rose and Rain, 
Holding beauty and pain. 
When strong wind hits, 
Tearing softness to bits. 
The sky more blue, 
Darkness blocking the view. 
Will you hold me? 
On our spot by the sea. 
Remembering the green grass, 
And the long journey of our hearts. 
Secret sky hiding under the veil, 
The two lovers and their tale. 
A Voice without words, 
The love that it said.

Copyright ©: Word Hunter


Something for Someone

Someone far away is playing his drums.

Somewhere far away loudspeakers are busting.

Sometimes all you can do is listen.

Sometimes you have to make it stop.

Somewhat you will always be wrong.

Somehow you will still be correct.

Somethings one should not tolerate.

Somebody needs to respect oneself.

Then something will change.

Copyright © Word Hunter

P.C Pexels

Moon’s Control

This mystical moon came,

And it’s the moon to blame.

With every beam swallow me in.

Moving in with slow silent spin.

Tickled and tingled with those breeze.

Gentle rays were a naughty tease.

Like the tide it was unstoppable.

And resistance was not possible.

Our meeting was fate,

So was the distance and wait.

Which even the sea couldn’t change.

The moon’s control on my every wave.


Copyright © WordHunter

P.C Pexels