How I wish

I am still a tiny drop,

Of this flowing stream.

Oh! how I wish I never had to stop,

Like the sea, I dream.

I am still a twinkling candle,

Of this growing night.

Oh! how I wish I get to dangle,

Like the dazzling sunlight.

Oh! how I wish,

We could unite,

Like Sea kissing the sunlight.


Summer night

img_5463From the forest wood.

In the green we stood.

Dimming twilight understood.

Leaves whispered with its rustling.

Birds also started chirping.

Time for sweet sunlight yawning.

Grass kissed the earth.

Stars watched with mirth.

Oh! the kisses was so much worth.

Dancing moon peep.

In the sky, the clouds sweep.

Stream flowing deep.

Entangling breeze and wind.

Shrubs and vines combined.

Slowly he too inclined.

Delicate but strong thoughts will overcome the silent emptiness with hope and truth


And its colour.



On my window pane.



Flowing in my mind.



Quite without chirp.



Hiding in the tree.



Will come and make the day bright.



Will show.


First love, and it’s memories


He was summer.

She was autumn.

Love between,

Shed all their leaves.

                            Then came harsh winter.

                            Took all the warmth within.

                            Icy cold they stood froze,

                           Covered in crystal ice.

Summer will come again.

In some other form.

Till then, it’s first love,

And it’s memories.

Paper Planes

Make paper planes with me.

Like we used to when we were little.

Play rocket scientist you and me.

Favourite cookies we will nibble.

Childhood days we will never leave.

Come climb up that guava tree.

And let’s chuckle and giggle.

My one and only one, you.

And yours and only yours, I.


Telling another decipher,

Craggy journey of the storyteller.

Vigil nights she had stayed awake.

Her callus heart one can’t mend.

Ebbing slowly from memories.

Decade passed without breeze.

Till today stifle she remains.

Inscrutable serendipity is love.

Cretinous were those days above.