The Flower and it’s Moon

The sound of rain and violent breeze,
Flying branches from remorseful trees.
Broken moon fighting the thunder,
One moment she was brilliant, next she went under.

Roar Roar thunder went all night,
Maybe the moon lost its fight.
Sky turned into blood red dawn,
Made my fellow flowers also mourned.

Cuckoo gave her melancholy cry,
The day had a loud sigh.
Apart from wait nothing can be done,
Thunder or moon, who won?

Eventually a lonely star bloomed,
On my broken petals fear consumed.
Sleepless, I kept searching,
Quietly all fellow flowers were lurking.

Love is what it is,
How to not wait for this?
When rest looks up to the sun,
But for me, moon was the one.

Then I espied my lovely moon,
Sky filled up with her light soon.
With my winner in every battle,
We celebrated and again started our travel.

Copyright: Word Hunter

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Freedom:Taken for Granted

Soft sand to my bare feet,

Dancing wind playing with my hair,

Birds chirps to my ears,

How come I didn’t care?


A new painted sky,

Flowers bloom in rhapsodies,

Sweetest smell paved my way,

How come I didn’t care?


I had all this, and much more,

How come I didn’t care?

Next time I go out,

I’ll thank them, I swear.


Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C. Pexels


Let’s go find our lost songs,

Left behind in that forsaken home.

Come walk with me,

On those old worn out roads.

And stay like drops of rain,

Of those passing nights.

Let’s witness the first ray of dawn again,

With the melting of crystals ice.

Sparkling small pieces we find,

Of broken heart of you and I.

How beautiful it was,

Sweet smiles and innocent lies.

Collect the smell of our first kiss,

A feeling on that touch we reminisce.

Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels

The city of dreams


World is not ideal,

Climate change is real,

Rains ruins plans,

Sitting drenched- foot to hands,

Smog delay flights,

Thanks to traffic,

Drivers get angry and fight,

It makes it harder to leave home,

So pick flowers and roam,

Friends are harder to keep,

Stepping out ain’t cheap,

Centenaries are ruined,

Wrong is right until proven,

Someone got too drunk,

Stooped and sunk,

The blanket and me,

At least we get to be one,

Many die; in the city that never sleeps,

No stars and no beams,

In the city of dreams.


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Copyright: Word Hunter


Faces all round,
Impassively burning under the sun.
Everyone is on the run,
Carrying their own personal wound and burden.
I, a member of this crowd,
Crossing the distance between,
Stillness and fight.
As life dances on its own plight. 
No words, no feeling,
Frustration breaking the ceiling.
Trying hard to stay numb,
As moon breaks into crumbs. 
Between stages of incurable phrases,
Of twists and bend,
Life will slowly quickly end.

Copyright © Word Hunter

P.C. Pexels


As sand in the hourglass settled,
With that heartbeat slowly levelled.
Lost the value of the word,
Word itself was God.
Flying bird and sunset sky,
Stopped caring how and why.
Rain stopped having any feeling,
And pain lost its meaning.
Death is, that what it is,
As I stopped being his.

Copyright © Word Hunter

P.C Pexels