Warm Cup of Sunlight

I drank a warm cup of sunlight,

In this icy cold weather.

Little marshmallows,

And some chocolate chips,

Made the sunlight even more sweeter.

So If you are cold,

It’s is just for 5 dollar.

But only for you,

I’ll give it for free.

In return you kiss me,

By the Arabian Sea.






Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels


My Life Partner

Life’s good,

With you is better.

In your arms,

I have always felt safer.

I live in my dream world,

Because you take care of all later.

I like dancing,

And you are my crazy ass cheerleader.

Don’t ever make me walk alone,

Hold my hand stronger.

Life would be ordinary,

Without my crazy life partner.



Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels